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Skies Darken

Posted by on Oct 19, 2013

Skies Darken

After a long period of inacvtivity the band returns with Skies Darken, an album that many consider to be their finest work to date. Stewart Bell once again takes the reigns with the writing process while vocalist/ bassist Cyrus takes a back seat. Now with the added writing/playing experience gained over the years and the new tricks learned from working alongside Cyrus, Bell’s influences once again shine through. The result is the perfect mix of the early Citizen Cain sound, “Somewhere But Yesterday” era, combined with the later style of “Playing Dead” era. Guitarist Phil Allen’s prog metal background and playing style is unleashed on this album which adds a new element to overall style.

Released by F2Music in 2012 this latest offering from Citizen Cain has recieved very positive reviews and seems to have united fans of the band’s old sound with those who prefer the later, more involved writing style. It also marks the end of an era with Cyrus and Stewart, having achieved what they set out to say musically and lyrically as Citizen Cain, now concentrating on solo projects…

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