The Music of Citizen Cain & Stewart Bell

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Ghost Dance – Tabernacle Of Hands

Profits for some who prance
Pull strings to see him dance
His tongueless head in trance
So whose then is the voice
Political jaws may crack
But hands behind their backs
Control the strings that slack
We know it’s not their choice
God hands them down their rolls
Their earthwhile latent goals
Ah but then who controls the same conspiracy

We made you all you are

Staff officers leap frog
So many barking dogs
Still moving cogs in cogs
Then they must know their place
Yet Tommy Atkins knows
Said it won’t come to blows
Whoever runs this show they run the human race

We made you all you are

Much too much of this uncertainty
Covers their identity
Too many tunnel mouths
To feed you false with fake espouse
Liberty, equality, fraternity, duplicity
Janus hides from us his other face
Obscures his saving grace
Popes and presidential heads of state
Are leaving by the lodge house gate
There is no king who counts here now
No more shall we all bow
In this real life cacophony
Becomes a corporate symphony
Time and tide and shifting sands
The tabernacle of hands

Shall you fight
Stand your ground
Demand the sight
Demand the sound
Or raise your children in an ivory tower
Or claim the hand that wears the ring of power
Here in the garden of earthly delights

Maybe it’s just as well
We live all by ourselves
D.I.Y prison cells
Heads buried in the sand
It doesn’t matter where
No different over there
But we can’t breathe the air
Until the promised land
We made you all you are