The Music of Citizen Cain & Stewart Bell

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Playing Dead – Shades

No matter who I am
No matter if i’m upside down
The world i live in is only
A place where spiders hide
Life and death together
The fool and the wise

No matter if I am
No matter if i’m inside out
The world i live in is only
A place where spiders lie
Life and death together
The truth and the lie

The world you live in is only…

Polyphemus – No Son Of Poseidon (Retribution)

And greed grasped the heady bowl
Thrice drained and poured the deluge on his soul
His sense lay covered with dozy fume
While thus my power speech resumed
“My promised boon O Cyclops now I claim
And state my title, no man is my name”

So nodding with his fumes of wine
Drooping his head, snoring lay supine
Sudden I stirred the embers and inspire
With eminating breath the seeds of fire
Each drooping spirit bold words repair
And urged my companions a promised deed with care

My sword now glows from fires red
Approached the beast asleep in bed
And forth I come and vengeful sword I bring
With beating hearts my companions sing
Urged by gods and swift let fall
The point of torment on his visual ball

Guide my sharp sword twirl round and round
And out falls Cyclops eye to ground
Pierced pupil spouts with flowing blood
And cries of pain and loss his ears a flood
And send a fearful dreadful groan
For which his deeds of greed bemoan

No man kills me
No man in the hour of sleep
Oppressed by dreadful power he keeps