The Music of Citizen Cain & Stewart Bell

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Raising The Stones – The Last days Of Cain

To the men of Lachish
Know then thy brother lies dead on the field
Thy time is short!

I used to like searching for riddles
Aesop his fables jumping right out of the page
An innocent game to play
Time and time again caught by those riddles
Ways of escaping
Tearing my face from the page
An innocent fear at play

Sometimes those shadows get down in between
The words are constantly warning
The fable’s no riddle
It’s somehow quite real
Like shadows I hear them calling

Red like sticklebacks spines at the ready
License to injure
Pulling me into the page
No innocent game to play
House spiders that change to black widows
Nothing escapes them
Finding myself in the page
No innocent fear at play

Who wrote the shadows into the page
What hand has scrolled that warning
Of a man who plays God at the end of the day
He will find there’s nothing left by morning
There’s nothing left by morning

(a) Dead Man Rising

Running a high fever
In the middle of the night
My body’s cold and twisted
But a fire burns inside
Suddenly my eyes open
Into a blood red plain
Of scattered limbs and corpses
Of dead and dying men

(b) Tears Of Tomorrow

Far off in the distance
There’s a tower rising high
A voice cries it’s Jericho
The place where souls reside
The bodies that surround me
Once dead stir with life
Those cold and white blood corpses

Take in your arms
These my children
Though they be cold and afraid
Show them the tears of tomorrow
Give them the soil of their graves

Turn over as they rise
A voice from behind me
Speaks softly in my ear
You are a dead man rising
There’s nothing you should fear
So follow your companions
Into the mortal’s grave you
Forget you once were living
Remember now you’re slain
Now all the shadows they welcome you
For now in the last days of Cain

How many times have we taught them
How man treats his brother as slave
His mother he rapes
And his sister gives birth
To the monster she laid
Now all the shadows they welcome
For now in the last days of Cain

Dreams of the darkness can hold you
Compel you to stand face to face
With all of your heart you are giving
The choice of your love or your hate

Dreams of the darkness inside you
The seed of your old father Cain
Who’s paradise Abel he murdered
Destroying the love with his hate

Dreams of the darkness that guide you
Towards the last door of your fate
The world that surrounds you forsaken
Ploughed up by the claws of your hate
Now as the shadows take over you
Your now in the last days of Cain

Joshua’s children all marching to Jericho
Blow on your trumpet the walls are about to fall

(c) Ixion’s Conclusion (Instrumental)