The Music of Citizen Cain & Stewart Bell

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Raising The Stones – The Last Supper and The Ghosts of Jericho (Part 1)

(i)The Last Supper (Ylixiea’s Dream)

Slaughtered the lamb
A knife in it’s hand
Free from the strife
The true love of life

(ii) In Deep Waters

Three little fishes caught trapped in a net
Resolved to leave their waves
Then came the gutting knife
Cut them in half
Now their heads devour their tails


The Ghosts of Jericho (Part 1)

(a) Secrets Of Hidden Things

Persephone cried soldier are you lost upon my beach
My tide rolls over your head
Your queen must stay for half a year
With Hades in her bed
She joins the lonely souls of Asphodel
Blown to the wind

On the walls of Jericho
I’m like some forgotten king
Who’s image cast in stone
Required his life as it should be

Bring me the sword of great Hercules
Or the Hydra’s scattered teeth
The serpents have claws
Where they hide their golden fleece
Slowly they twist your attention
Until your trapped by what you see
With cold eyes that feed your silent screams

When the claws have closed
It’s much too late to hide or retreat
Open your eyes to a kind living hell
The poison is just too sweet
The poison is just too sweet

Twisting your path like a winding stream
Leading down to Jericho
A tragedy for a new Euripides
Something unseen has been changing
Turning into what you see
With cold eyes your blinded by those screams

Then you find the torment
Disguised inside a bitter scene
Happy to hide in a kind of living hell, oh well
Be careful with your intentions
It’s the part that turns the wheel

Look into the sky and choose a cloud

(b) I Spy With My Little Life

You hold your life in your hands
Searching for secrets on a crooked road
Taking your life in your hands
Destroying your secrets, still you go
Hiding from the light
You fear the fire and ice
Wind and rain will blow
Our souls to Jericho