The Music of Citizen Cain (& Stewart Bell's Learn to Lucid Dream)

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Serpents In Camoflage – Dance Of The Unicorn

College girls raping masters
Queuing for the cane
A fool has lost his foothold
As he walks a winding trail
Ever tearful of his steps
He fears the canyon’s rivers far below
Come crashing to his knees
Little Shirley Temple said nothing
Sweet child

Could you show me your face
You’re features are all the same
Is this a warning
We have been over here
You have been over there
The trouble was my reflection
Thinking it was number one
And I know I saw a vision
A lonely unicorn beyond the skyline

I raise my hand in anger
In an instant he appears before me
His hooves have crossed great worlds
He has come to take me home

There’s something deep inside of you
There’s something you should know
You are not what you think you are
The vision’s just a ghost
You may have crossed the universe to join the second plain
And live your life eternally
To live your life in pain

Is your time here so lonely
I walk the streets beside you
Pulling strings so violently
I know this is not my home

I know we have eyes in the back of our heads
The soldiers surround you
You are choking, you are choking
And if you think you’ll see Christ when you’re dead
His words will devour you
You are choking, you are choking
And though the light shines
It’s not what you think
The unicorn’s dancing
You are floating in the air

And as you look around you
Confronting your world
The eagle’s commanding
You are glowing, not choking
And when you think you’ve seen all that there is
You have not seen nothing and nothing is like
Nothing you’ve ever known