The Music of Citizen Cain (& Stewart Bell's Learn to Lucid Dream)

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Somewhere But Yesterday – Somewhere But Yesterday

(i) – Beyond The Boundaries

Watch all those feelings like arrows
Fired from the cover of trees
All along your road
You have just one life
Asshole take it if you like
But be sure you know the way

(ii) Owls

Has the winter come and gone
Does the light shine through
Is the harvest ripe my dear
And may I lie with you

Two fine children blessed by you
The love goes on and on
Hold my hand forever
We are witches on the run

I knew you once before so long ago
Can you remember when
The slaughtered deer and castle walls
And we threw them down and then

So when you see a thousand horses
In the sky above your head
You’ll know my love forever
We are witches on the run
We’re on the run

(iii) Obsessions

We are not lost but found
Oh and we walk on solid ground
We cannot lose your way
No difference anyway

Saul’s on the seashore
Ashore beats the waves
Summon me another miracle
What is it all for
Judas comes instead
Christ hurries home to get nailed again
Someone speared my side

Amalek’s on the harbour trying to get in
His dream’s to conquer twilight
And carry off with him
All the treasures
Who I am what’s within
This time you’ll let me in

The door is open
Your witches on the pyre
Carry off to Deborah
The longing she desires

Amalek’s brought an army
A host that follow him
The children of Moab, Ammonites and him
We come to question who you are
What’s within
This time you’ll let me in

The door is open
And once again denied
You shall not use the magic
For all that you desire
The door is open
Each one to his tribe
Upon the fields of Ajalon
A hundred thousand fires

If you come towards me
Be prepared to die
We claim the sepulchre
The water and the night
Your witches advancing
She has danced upon your pyre
For all that she desires

The door is open
And now they spread inside
We warned you of our magic
And all that we desire
The door is open
But once again denied
We know who lives forever
We know who shall not die

We are not lost but found
Oh and we walk on solid ground
We cannot lose your way
No difference anyway

Saul’s on the seashore
Ashore beats the waves
Summon me that other miracle
What is it all for
Judas comes instead
Christ hurry home and get saved again
Saved again tonight

We love you
Can you see those thousand horses
Following you
Where are the children
Where are their mothers
Have their fathers killed them too

(iv) The Ballad Of Creepy John

I wish I was a garden wall
Covered by some friendly moss
Happy with the spider John creepy crawl
Living on a high rise boundary stone

Seven little sorcerers
Nailed to the garden wall
All guests of Shalmanessar
Each one of them have lost their balls
Now their blood is flowing so easily
That country estate’s a must
When living off a poor man’s crust
Jolly good

Now they’ve pulled down my garden wall
Feeding off my friend for blood
Now they’re pulling off the legs of creepy John
Fucking up my high rise boundary stone

Oh mother where are you right now
Do you think I’m beautiful
Oh father late as usual
And you know that’ll never do

Three thousand years have gone
Yet nothing’s really changed
He’s Rameses he’s Herod
Their mask is still the same
Each one is screwing Marion
Yet Robin gets the blame
And somewhere in the world
A soul is dying
And somewhere in his world
A soul is dying
And somewhere in the soul
A world is spiralling down

Oh brother am I your Abel
In a field to be struck down
Oh father I know you’re able
As the blood seeps in the ground

Cold steel can mesmerise
Those living inside the plane
And you can bet your life
There’s a fool inside
And he doesn’t give a fuck
Who’s to blame
His castle’s on the hillside
Filled with caviar siege champagne
As he chops your head
With the carving knife
And feeding you on poisoned brains

So the tide brought you home again
Upon the whispers on the breeze
Now we are members of oblivion
That mask again
The face he cannot change
The soul this far contaminated
“What is contaminated”

(v) Echoes – The Labyrinth Penumbra

We climbed up the fast way
Leading to heaven
Pulled down by the fast lane
Leading to heaven
When something said stop
It’s time to give up
Ask yourself how you feel

Well so how do you feel
When the night draws near
You’ve placed us so far
So far away
You’ve placed us so far
With your sin
For all that you are
The wind turns cold
For all that you are
Your wind turns cold
It’s in your eyes
In your breath
To some foolish man
To some foolish plan

(Out of the water
The witch is exposed
Driving on and on
To where she don’t know
And the fire in her eyes
Said it cannot be far
The moon’s full of sadness
And knows it’s quite dark
The corridor’s still open my friend
Can you not free me
From all of my pain
The wind is still blowing
The dust from my name
I’m missing you
I’m missing you
At the moment I sit
By a cool temple shade
Refreshing the torment
In every page
And the destiny you are
Is your life)

How do you feel
Right now
When the night draws near
How do you feel
When rocket ships
Are landing in your ocean
That number on your head
Won’t get you far
In fact you won’t be leaving
You won’t be leaving
No not at all

The prophet calls the feast and cries
I know who you are
Those children of Adam
You cannot come far
The light that shines within you
Will soon become dark
As the angels lost their beauty
Or just who they are
So we call you

(vi) All The Sin’s Men

Our Father art in heaven
Hallowed be thy shame
Thy kingdom is coming
On the back of a beast again
Coming sooner now
But it’s overun
And they’re spreading their whores together
Thy will will be done
Spreading their wars forever
Thy will is overun
Spreading those whores together
Thy little will’s well hung

Don’t ask me why
I’m better off that way
I wanna lie with the witches
They can take my breath away
Witches I’m still on the run

Another Creepy John about to fall
The remnants of a host
That came knocking at your door
Screaming out their vengeance
Apocolyptic creed
Accusing you the witness
Of another sinful deed
And off they go to heaven
The master’s still delayed
Maybe he’s at Butlins
Maybe it’s that seventh day

Don’t ask me why
I’m better off that way
I wanna lie with the witches
They can take my breath away
Witches now I’m on the run

They don’t know that God’s reflection
Deep inside is just reflecting you

(vii) Farewell

Now Florence Nightengale
Has shined her light on you
She has horses and a carriage clock
To amputate the few
Not me not me
You saw the death of Joan of Arc
There’s nothing she could do
With no horses or carriage clock
It’s to those flames for you
Not me not me

So steal another life again
And build yourself anew
No future for my children
Destroyed by men like you
Inside you like a vision
To crush those poorer men
And live like kings forever
Inside their chosen pens

Where are you Creepy John
I’m off to find those legs I lost
Shalmanessar’s guests all gone
Sold by Robin every one
Tearing down your garden wall
Humpty Dumpty has to fall
And no king’s horses no king’s men
Could put our Humpty back again

So I will see you
Just for a moment
The TV just fades
Give me the shroud
Watch the stars go away
With the witches on the run
After all
With you

The witches on the run again

A Word In Your Ear

Pat a cake, pat a cake, fake a man
Crush his bones as hard as you can
Ground them down with acid and steel
Prepare the table for a sumptuous meal

Gather the host whose lust for blood
Gave Vlad the Impaler the right, the must
To maim and kill in terrible ways
Impaled by stakes like galleries

He hung white flesh on crimson trunk
The crow did watch the wolf he slunk
And nailed their hats on pompus heads
The blood the man became obsessed

And handed down to those on high
The lust for blood and tyrannise
You, your children, your wife, your friend
To do to you as he did then