The Music of Citizen Cain (& Stewart Bell's Learn to Lucid Dream)

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Somewhere But Yesterday – Strange Barbarians (The Mother’s Shroud)

You know what we have found
Inside our Richmond tree
Yet foolish men don’t know
What they have found
Don’t keep looking in those branches
I can never disappear
‘Til who came through
To lead me back again

Strange barbarians
Crawling up my wall
Dressed like bats
Weaving in and out of here
No-one knows your name
Or so your face

Strange barbarians
Crawling up my mind
Dressed like rats
Eating from the inside out
Still what do I know
Of the black or white
Stranded on a square for a piece of life
Falling softly into a sleep again

I have felt its movement
Deep inside my eyes
No use rolling over
To see the light in your eyes
Casting a million shadows
From the other side
And you’ll see when the programs emptied out
Welcome strange barbarians

Feel the sword above you
Feeding on your life
Twisting in the river
Another Nile to walk on
Brought by an unknown stranger
Who walks inside
And gives you a new dimension
It’s deep inside

Don’t you see you’re trapped
Inside the ice
You hold the mirror and
All its reflection
How can you wander Into the magic
Outside is what you feel
Strangely angel

As the sword is falling
Down on every one
Just another warning
Another Nile to walk on
Pulled by an unknown stranger
Who comes inside
And shows you that new dimension
Hello and welcome

It’s my way to sample my chances
It’s my time to spend as I like
So in a way I’m falling apart at the seems

Have you seen my harvest beast
Who sits and waits
And glares at you too long
Confused to what may have gone on
You know we’ll see those other faces
From a different point of view
The mirror’s sliding down my mind
And slips away

Is that my real life
Floating high above our tree
Nothing then will know
Where I am found
Along this road we walk together
To that warm and sunny day
The mirror’s sliding down my eye
And slips away

I always thought I knew
How much I loved you
As we climbed that tree together
From the start
In this shade we live forever
Deep inside another play
The mirror sliding down my mind
And looks like me

I think I said it’s colder now
Since leaving
All that snow upon those leaves
It must give way
On that road we walked forever
As it pulls me far away
The mirror’s sliding down my
Somewhere but yesterday

I’m running like a storm
I just can’t give up
I’m moving on and on
I just can’t give up

I’m on that road forever
My somewhere yesterday
If I leave today tomorrow
Means I’m gone I’m gone

I’m running like a storm
I just can’t give up
I’m moving on and on
Somewhere but yesterday

The Mother’s Shroud

To Gia a son
Last born Cain the slayer
Blind one
The walker of shadows

Of thy brothers and sisters
That walk crawl fly and swim
Why do they shun you so

In the darkness they found her
Wrapped in a shroud
In rage plunged into the veil
Downward to lifeless bones
Rivers seas forests still with silence
Still with lifelessness

And they wept
And the weeping heavens
Countless souls
Like crows gathered in the high regions
The rain their tears
As the Mother dies so the children
Woe unto you Cain
Woe unto you Man