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The Antechamber Of Being Part 1 – CD

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The much anticipated debut solo album from the band’s main composer and keys player Stewart Bell, is a prog rock opera featuring five vocalists; Simone Rossetti, Arjen Lucassen, Bekah Mhairi Comrie, Phil Allen and Stewart himself. The story is based on his own experiences as a lifelong lucid dreamer and follows the adventures of a young boy as he grows up and masters the ability to control his dreams. (If you’d like your copy signed by Stewart Bell please request this in order notes at the checkout page)

A 28 page picture book entitled “The Cupboard of Fear” is available seperately. This 23 x 18 cm full colour storybook chronicles the events from the first song on this epic concept album. It contains 12 original drawings by Stewart Bell and tells the story of the main character, The Dreamer, as he takes control of his dreams and becomes lucid for the first time. To buy the CD & storybook package click here. For more info here.

Listen to the first 3 songs from the album or watch the promo videos on our Youtube channel. Previews of each song are below in the product description section below.

The digital version of the album is available here.

There is an option to make a donation to help fund this ongoing project when you reach the “cart” page (part 2 and 3 of this trilogy will be released over the next couple of years). We thank you in advance should you choose to help.

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Song Previews –

1 – Decoherence – preview

2 – A World Without Limits – preview

3 – Projections – preview

4 – The Breach – preview

5 – The Antechamber Of Being – preview

6 – Convergence – preview

7 – Full Circle – preview

Track Listing –

1 –  Decoherence

(i) Nothing – part 1 (Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit)
(ii) – Cupboard Of Fear – part 1
(iii) – First Lesson
(iv) – Second Lesson
(v) – The Gift of Lucid Dreaming

2 – A World Without Limits

(i) – Revelation
(ii) – Adventures Of An Oneiranaut
(iii) – Awaken In Your Dreams

3 – Projections

(i) – Hypnagogic Portal
(ii) – Entanglement – part 1
(iii) – Parallel Girl
(iv) – False Awakening
(v) – Cupboard Of Fear – part 2
(vi) –  Entanglement – part 2

4 – The Breach

(i) – Why?
(ii) – The Shooting Star Child – part 1

5 – The Antechamber Of Being

(i) – Nothing – part 2 (Outwith Time)
(ii) – Dream Signs
(iii) – Cupboard Of Fear – part 3
(iv) – Bellilin
(v) – Nothing – part 3 (Outwith Space)
(vi) – The Gift of Lucid Dying

6 – Convergence

(i) – Entanglement – part 3
(ii) – The Shooting Star Child – part 2

7 – Full Circle

(i) – Cupboard Of Fear – part 4
(ii) – Asleep Or Dead

(iii)Awaken In Your Death
(iv) – Nothing – part 4 (HΨ = 0)

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