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Stewart Bell’s “The Cupboard Of Fear” Storybook Re-issue – OUT NOW!!

Posted by on May 21, 2016

Stewart Bell’s “The Cupboard Of Fear” Storybook Re-issue – OUT NOW!!

By Stewart Bell (Foreword by Robert Waggoner) – A storybook aimed at helping children (and adults!) to overcome their nightmares by teaching them how to lucid dream. The story is based on my own experience at 6 years old and tells how a recurring nightmare I had as a child – about a monster living in the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs – prompted my older brother to teach me how to become aware while I was dreaming and then, how to face up to the monster from within the dream.

The book has a foreword by renowned international speaker and author on lucid dreaming, Robert Waggoner and also contains a handy guide on how to master your own dreams. To order the story book click here. A larger deluxe version of the storybook – with your name and town printed in a “special thanks to” section plus a photo of your choice included in the story as a picture on the wall – is available on my Learn To Lucid Dream website, click here. Each storybook comes with a personal dedication of your choice by the author.

Lucid Dreaming Tools/ Merch – tools to help you lucid dream, themed around the most effective lucid dream induction exercise; a Reality Check. Please click here to order your reality check tools from my lucid dreaming site.

For more info on the storybook, the lucid dreaming tools (and reality checks!) watch my campaign video here.

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