The Music of Citizen Cain (& Stewart Bell's Learn to Lucid Dream)

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Character Key –

D – The Dreamer – Simone Rossetti
T – The Teacher – Phil Allen
E1 – 1st Dream Entity/ Higher Self – Arjen Lucassen
DG – Dream Girl – Bekah Mhairi Comrie
E2 – 2nd Dream Entity/ Highest Self – Stewart Bell

6 – Convergence

Dedicated to my wife, Anna (the dream girl) and my son, Stewart (the shooting star child)

(i) – Entanglement – part 3 –

D – In a church with no god
Where they pray with no words
I find myself drawn towards this place

They seek a heaven that’s inside
Through the act of doing nothing
I tell myself that this could be the way

I’m greeted by a stranger there
She shows me in, where I must go
I reach the hall, see someone there
Should I go through

As I approach a cat appears
It stares at me, I feel deja vu
When I look up, she’s sitting there
I’m doubting what I see

DG – Do I know you from somewhere

D – I’ve seen your face before

DG – This all seems so familiar

D – Wait I think I remember

DG – I’m sure we’ve met before

D – No it can’t be I’m awake

DG – You remind me of someone

D – Should I tell her what I know

DG – It escapes me, anyway, it’s nice to meet you

D – You’re the girl from my dreams

DG – You were there in my room

(ii) – The Shooting Star Child – part 2 –

D & DG – In a sanctuary filled with angels
Where they heal with no magic
We find ourselves race towards that place

They seek to help all that go there
Through the act of playing god
We’re sure of it, that this could be the day

DG – I’ve been here before (x4)

D – Heaven’s door is open
A Life shines through
Limbs thrown apart
She screams into the blue

D & DG – Then through the gap comes
A newborn start
They take it in their hands
And sense his beating heart

When will this all end
I can’t take anymore
Push again, then he’s free
A tiny baby’s in our hands
In our hands

D & DG – Do we know him from somewhere
I’ve seen his face before
This all seems so familiar

D – Wait I think I remember

DG – Won’t you tell me what you know

D – No it can’t be it’s insane

D & DG – He reminds me of someone
I know we’ve met before

DG – Does it escapes you or won’t you tell me

D – He’s the star child from my dream