The Music of Citizen Cain & Stewart Bell

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Full Circle

Character Key –

D – The Dreamer – Simone Rossetti
T – The Teacher – Phil Allen
E1 – 1st Dream Entity/ Higher Self – Arjen Lucassen
DG – Dream Girl – Bekah Mhairi Comrie
E2 – 2nd Dream Entity/ Highest Self – Stewart Bell

7 – Full Circle

(i) – Cupboard Of Fear – part 4 –

D – Dreaming awake, expecting fear
When I get there, see the cupboard’s bare
My demons are all gone just I remain
This higher throne is now my own

I pass on through there’s a corridor
In the distance I see a figure there
I move towards him he cowers out of sight

He’s huddled there head in his arms
Why does he fear me I mean no harm
Inside my hand the gift I hold
I stand before him I’m not your foe

I hold out my hand
His gaze meets my eye
As he takes what I offer
His face I recognise

He is me and he cries

D & E1 & E2 (becoming one) –
Stop!! You have no power here

I stand amazed as he disappears
An empty street awaits outside
I try and fail to fly off into the night
Theres no one there, this isn’t right

The laws won’t bend, I try again
But I’m weak, I’ve lost my strength

T – You’re huddled there head in your arms
Why do you cry you did no harm
Your goal achieved the gift you gave
You met yourself and yourself you saved

D – I held out my hand
The gift he recieved
Did I share what I offered
Or have I been decieved

Now you see why I cry
I have no powers anymore

(ii) – Asleep Or Dead –

T – It seems that you’ve lost
Your powers in the other world
But somehow you’ve gained them here

D – It doesn’t make any sense
I can fly in the real world
Could it be that I’m still asleep

T – Asleep
Or dead

I don’t understand
You should try to wish yourself awake
A false awakening this could be

D – Already tried what you said
But each time that I close my eyes
I pass straight into the light

T – The light

D – I sense myself at rest in peace
In some distant far off place
I am now disconnected
That person isn’t me

(iii) – Awaken In Your Death –

DG & T – Awaken in your dreams
Live another life after your time
As real as real it seems
Wake up, lucid dying

Awaken in your death
Live another life after your time
Still here after you’ve left
Wake up, lucid dying, you decide

T – But how can you wake up

DG – When you were never really sleeping

T – And how can you die

DG – When you’re already dead

DG & T – There is nothing, but nothing
But nothing, but nothing but now

And now
It is time
To wake up

(iv) – Nothing – part 4 – (HΨ = 0) –

R – Once again I’m in the white light
Knowing all yet knowing nothing
If I am dead
Then what am I
I must try to find out

(To be continued…)