The Music of Citizen Cain & Stewart Bell

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Character Key –

D – The Dreamer – Simone Rossetti
T – The Teacher – Phil Allen
E1 – 1st Dream Entity/ Higher Self – Arjen Lucassen
DG – Dream Girl – Bekah Mhairi Comrie
E2 – 2nd Dream Entity/ Highest Self – Stewart Bell

4 –  Projections –

(i) – Hypnagogic Portal –

E1 – Drifting off you feel yourself slipping away
Down the tunnel of nonsensical thoughts

E2 – Here I wait

E1 – Waiting for that moment, the crossing over
The shift, the change

(ii) – Entanglement – part 1 –

D – Wandering through my inner world
A character conjured by my mind

D & T – Or is she real

D – Walking her dog through my imagination
Thru streets of memories in my mind

D & T – Or so it seems

D – I follow her through streets unreal
Thru astral lanes, undying fields
She reaches home, I watch her enter
Should I pursue

As I approach a cat appears
It stares at me, I feel deja vu
I must act fast
A waking mist is clouding all I see
All I see

T – Who is this person
Did you create her
Where does she go
When you’re not there
Subconcious projection
Or real, is she trapped

Who is this person
Can you control her
Forcing your will
‘Cause she’s not real
Your conscious direction
Will tell her what to do

(iii) – Parallel Girl –

DG – Walking my dog through familiar streets
Across fields of memories
Down lanes surreal
I catch a glimpse of a man behind
Is he following me

Hurrying home now, taking no chances
Twilight is falling
Not far to go
I reach my door now, I enter in
He’s still there behind me
Should I fear him

Who is this man, what does he want
Why does he stalk me, follow me home
Hes standing outside now
Should I be afraid

A voice in my head calls out to me
“You should not fear him, you will be fine
He’s not from your world so
Please dont be afraid”

D – I walk towards her home
I pass right through the wall
Im in her room, the fog descends
She turns around
But the real world pulls me back

(iv) – False Awakening –

D – Back in bed, I lie a while   T – Back in bed
No chance of slipping away          In the twilight of sleep
Held by these thoughts
In the world of the real

E2 – Or so it seems

D – Angry at myself               T – Twin worlds of freedom
I get up from bed now                 And chains
And walk, towards, the hall     You must go back

E2 – Theres something wrong with this world

D -But the door flys open
A storm rages inside
Like a whirlwind possessed
Objects fly around the room

I cannot breathe, I cannot move
Paralyzed I am frozen
I sense my end is near
As panic overwhelms me
I jump awake in bed

(v) – Cupboard Of Fear – part 2 –

E2 – Im still here, I never left you
But neglected I mutated
Now a shadow deep inside

Im still here, untamed, created
By the negative attachments you have nurtured
In the deep dark places of your soul

(vi) –  Entanglement – part 2 –

D – Fading back into my inner world
A street full of people but she’s not here
Do they think, do they feel, do they know
If they are real

DG – Caught in confusion, have I gone mad
Voices from nowhere inside my head
Out the corner of my eye I see
He suddenly appears

D – I question them, have you seen her here
Blank expressions with no response
Describe her home they just stare at me
With lifeless eyes

As I grow frantic a man appears
He talks to me, I feel I know him
Subconscious Projection? – You must find her in the waking world
D – Is what he says to me

Subconscious Projection? – You must find her

T – Who are these people
Did you create them
Where do they go
When you’re not there
Subconcious projections
Or real, are they trapped

DG – He’s standing in my room
How did he get in here
Passed through the wall
This can’t be real
He shimmers and fades as he
Slowly disappears