The Music of Citizen Cain (& Stewart Bell's Learn to Lucid Dream)

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The Antechamber of Being

Character Key –

D – The Dreamer – Simone Rossetti
T – The Teacher – Phil Allen
E1 – 1st Dream Entity/ Higher Self – Arjen Lucassen
DG – Dream Girl – Bekah Mhairi Comrie
E2 – 2nd Dream Entity/ Highest Self – Stewart Bell

5 – The Antechamber of Being –

(i) – Nothing – part 2 – (Outwith Time) –

D – Surrounded by the white light
How did I come to be here
Twisted space and thoughts
These memories must align

T – This beginning is the end
You must trace your steps back
Remember, remember…

(ii) – Dream Signs –

D – I awaken in the bed where I grew up
I run into my mothers arms
She sings to me the song from my first memory
But somethings wrong the feelings cold

I raise my head to look her in the eye
Her lifeless gaze stares back at me
Then I break her grip and run into the street

T – You are safe now

D – Into my car I speed off down the road

T – Quickly forgotten

D – A boy sits in the car beside me now
I must protect him, keep him safe
We find ourselves stopped at the red light waiting
But something’s wrong there’s a man outside

I get out and give chase but he is gone
Then I quickly turn around and sit back down
But something’s changed and it eludes me

Now I’m sitting on a wooden chair
Waiting at the lights
Wondering why it will not drive
It seemed to work before

When I check to see if he’s ok
I cant believe my eyes
Now a tiny doll inside a matchbox
But I fail to realise
Confused I pick him up and cry to the sky

T – These are all the signs you must look out for
(Become aware)
Waking in a strange bed, finding people acting out of sorts
When these signs arise you must remember
(Become aware)
Objects, people, places
Change before your very eyes

E2 –  I manifest myself in many forms

T – But focused in one place

E2 – The cupboard of fear

D – I find myself at home watching the screen
I feel the need to go real quick
No matter how I try it just won’t stop

E2 – It flows and flows with no relief, haha

I wander through to quench my thirst instead

E2 – You drink and drink but the water’s dry

D – So I break the bottle and run into the hall

T – Confused now

D – A girl awaits she asks of me my help

T – Do you not know her

D & T  – An entity pursues her from afar
I must protect her keep her safe
We try to run and flee but gain no speed

E2 – Your legs are weak and the panic grows

D & T – The being now a storm is getting closer
A wavefront filled with horrors armed
In defeat we stop and turn to face it

E2 – There’s no escape, give up

D & T- No, wait

D – I grab her arm, take off and fly
When she is safe I turn to face
The demon now spreads over all
The land and sea, I cannot fail
I hover there, it starts to rise
Inside my hands a ball of light
In anger now, in rage I throw
The sphere of light explodes below

Now I float above the earth destroyed
Staring at the pieces
What have i done there’s nothing left
Did I save her in the end

When I check to see if she’s ok
I cant believe my eyes
This girl’s been gone since 4/1/12
And only now I realise
Confused as she starts to fade
I find I’m by my bed looking down at myself asleep

T – These are all the signs you must look out for
(Become aware)
Find yourself in unknown streets
Seeing people who’re long dead
When these signs arise you must remember
(Become aware)
Objects, people, places
Change before your very eyes

(iii) – Cupboard Of Fear – part 3 –

E2 – You will not defeat me
You will not remember
Now go!

When you are not here
You relinquish subconscious control to me
A psychic infection
I’ll take over your life
I am your death

D – How can I be sure that I am really fast asleep

T – Remember the lessons and question yourself
Test the laws and look for the signs

D – I’m standing at my window, stories high, afraid to fly

T – Remember your goals, darkness has returned
You must confront this foe

D – The further I get from the place I awake
Lucidity’s lost and control is forsaken
Distractions all around

T – You’re losing your focus

D – I try to fly to the place where it waits

T – You’re outside of time, you’re not moving through space

D – So how can I reach it if I am nowhere

T – Just travel by feeling, visualise, you’ll arrive

D – Shut off my sight and visualise the house where I
once lived

T – Pick something you know, just reach out and hold it
Imagine yourself there

D – There’s nothing there but wait I feel the cold steel of my gate

T – Keep hold of it then slowly open your eyes
You’ve reached your destination

D – I make my way to the room where it waits
Stand facing it’s lair of pure anger and hate
Get hold of myself and I start to walk
Through screaming and horror, it all seems so wrong

(iv) – Bellilin –

But I push through and I adhere
I shout aloud as I draw near
“I’m not afraid, I have no doubt
You have no power, I cast you out”
The howling subsides, its end is here
As I enter the eye of the storm all is clear

It’s gone , I’m free (x2)

It’s gone, I’m free
And I feel myself rise into the air

(v) – Nothing – part 3 – (Outwith Space) –

Surrounded by the white light
My memories stitched together
How I came to be here
I remember

I sense myself asleep in bed
In some distant far off place
I feel now disconnected
That person isn’t me

T – This beginning could be your end
You could leave that life behind
Endless possibilities
Exploring new realities

DG – But you must return

D – But something pulls me back

(vi) – The Gift of Lucid Dying –

E2 – I have no hold over you anymore
You are free
Death no longer exists
In your reality