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“The Cupboard Of Fear” storybook, “Antechamber..” album cover and track listing announced

Posted by on Sep 13, 2014

“The Cupboard Of Fear” storybook, “Antechamber..” album cover and track listing announced

The mixing of Stewart Bell’s “The Antechamber Of Being” is complete and the album will be sent off to be mastered this week. Once that is complete it will go to the pressing plant and I will get an exact release date depending on when they will have everything finalised. It is looking like it will be a little later than planned but somewhere around mid October is very realistic. The track listing and initial draft of the album cover is now available to view here.

I am also pleased to announce there will be a story book that will accompany the album. Sold seperately the 28 page picture book chronicles the events from the first song on the album. Entitled, “The Cupboard of Fear”, this 23 x 18 cm full colour storybook contains 12 original drawings by Stewart Bell and tells the story of the main character, The Dreamer, as he takes control of his dreams and becomes lucid for the first time. An intriguing and amusing story that serves also as a guide to overcoming nightmares and mastering the inner world of your own subconscious mind while you sleep.

The book is available to buy here and will be released on the same day as the album. (If you have already pre-ordered the album please check your email to get a link to a very special limited offer for existing orders only. Get in touch if you haven’t received it)




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