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The Antechamber Of Being project + Citizen Cain T-shirts Fundraiser

Posted by on Mar 2, 2018

The Antechamber Of Being project + Citizen Cain T-shirts Fundraiser

Most of you probably already know that I am currently working on a solo project  – entitled The Antechamber Of Being – which includes a trilogy of concept albums, 2 storybooks, an EP plus, accompanying art-books. So far I’ve completed two of the albums, a storybook and an art-book and I’m currently working on the EP and the new storybook. As you can imagine, producing this type of material involves a lot of work and funding is always essential in order for the project to continue smoothly. To that end I have designed some t-shirts featuring; the artwork from my project plus; 5 classic album covers from Citizen Cain’s back catalogue (artwork by vocalist and bass player Cyrus) and I have set up an Indiegogo fundraiser in order to facilitate this.

The ongoing costs of the overall project at the moment are mainly promotional based plus the initial recording costs required for putting down guide vocals etc. for the upcoming EP.  Buying one or more of these unique t-shirts/ sweatshirts will obviously go a long way to helping with those costs. Any help will, of course, be greatly appreciated and I am constantly grateful for the ongoing support of old and new fans alike who make all of this possible.

For more info on the fundraiser or to watch the campaign video please visit my Indiegogo page. THANK YOU!

More news on the new EP, storybook and the 3rd part of the trilogy coming soon…

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