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The Antechamber Of Being – A Lucid Dreaming Themed Trilogy Of Concept Albums

The much-anticipated solo project from Citizen Cain’s main composer and keys player Stewart Bell is a prog rock opera featuring five vocalists; Simone Rossetti, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Bekah Mhairi Comrie, Phil Allen and Stewart himself.

The story is based on his own experiences as a lifelong lucid dreamer and follows the adventures of a young boy as he masters the ability to control his dreams.

This trilogy of epic concept albums chronicle the key events in his life, the weird synchronicities, strange experiences and profound questions that naturally arise when one grows up living in the twin worlds of dream and real.

Entitled “The Antechamber Of Being” it will appeal not only to existing Citizen Cain fans but also to a much wider audience as Stewart delves into elements of prog metal, experiments with new soundscapes and brings his unique storytelling gift to the lyrics, in which he also shares his extensive knowledge of lucid dreaming. As an accompaniment to the first part in the trilogy (released in Oct ’14) Stewart chronicled his first ever lucid dream experience in a storybook aimed at teaching children how to overcome their own nightmares by becoming aware while they dream. Entitled “The Cupboard of Fear”, this full colour storybook contains 12 original drawings by Bell himself. (more info here). The second part expands and continues the story and was released in Feb ’17 along with an art-book once again containing original art by Bell along with the concepts, ideas and stories behind each song. Part 3 is currently in production.

The compact disc or digital version as well as the storybook and art-book,  are available from our shop (for wholesale enquiries: The continuous 74 minutes of musical evolution, powerful songs, recurring themes and complex instrumental sections will be sure to please any lover of progressive music while the intriguing, amusing and, at times, touching storyline may even inspire the listener to take control of their own subconscious mind and experience lucid dreaming for themselves.